Sunday Rituals!!

Hi guys, I hope you all are fine and enjoying whatever you are doing 😉

Today we are going to talk about Sunday. A day which is boring, relaxing, easy and fun-days.

What do you prefer on a Sunday?

If you ask me, I will say Sunday is a sleeping day 😀 or a homework day… A day when we need to stop outdoor work and focus on home, enjoy cooking, sleeping, talking to parents or any other thing that we don’t do on weekdays…

So, here I am excited to share my Sunday rituals with you all…

I am in love with “Veet” as they always come up with something new. This time they are up with a campaign where everyone is telling their 3 basic rituals of Sunday…. So why no me?

Three basic things that I love to do on a Sunday

The first thing is icing my face because I need my face to be fresh and breath.

Second is waxing my face, with Veet wax strips, I use them then I cleanse my face and do icing again so that all the pores are closed and neat. The freshness I feel after cleansing and icing is amazing

The third is Veet, which keeps me humesha ready for everything and anything also gives me the confidence of not worrying about my unwanted or dark hairs

Fourth is my hair mask, that I apply twice in a month. Want to know my hair mask recipe?

Here you go:

  • One Complete Egg,
  • Mayonnaise
  • Oil (mustard, almond or any other that suits you)
  • 2 Table Spoon Water (Luke or warm)
  • Half Lemon (or you can add few drops of it)
  • 2 Tea Spoon Yogurt

First mix oil, lemon, and water together, apply/massage that in your hair. The second step, mix mayonnaise yogurt and egg together mix it well, keep the better for 2-4 hours untouched. After 4 hours mix it again and apply that mask in oiling head. Wrap a warm towel around. Rinse it with a normal shampoo after 30mins. And for best results, you can keep it for 1 hour….

You will find your hair soft smooth silky and shiny… with zero frizz…

So why waiting? Try it and let us know how did it go for you?

You will find the result in one wash…. Use it twice a month only…

Discuss your Sunday ritual, what you try and do….??

Any tip you have?

Do you want to share those with us?

Write to us:

And we will publish it, by giving you full credits… 😊

See you, Until next time 😊

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