Who likes to work? I won’t say no one because there are people out there who are workaholics and love to work. (I KNOW RIGHT!!)

But apart from this sector of the population, there are normal people like you and me, who may be responsible, maybe in love with their jobs but can’t help and get frustrated.

There are some instances when you just get bored. There are tasks that you just don’t wanna do!!! And even workaholics can relate to this. You can’t help but get bored of doing the same task repeatedly.

And that is why I’m here! To help make your boring tasks fun and entertaining. Okay so… we all love music right. It’s just something that you can’t resist nodding to or tapping your feet to. Everyone’s genre of preference might be different; metal, pop, country, rock, etc. but no one’s immune to musical beats and their effects.

So the first thing you can do to make your boring task easy is to plug in your headphones and work to your favorite jam. Trust me, whether it’s typing or writing, folding or cleaning, you won’t even realize how time will pass and you will accomplish your task in no time. Just so your songs and jams don’t annoy others around you, buy good quality and cute colored or plain pair of headphone or earphones, cordless or wired or even the ones that operate through Bluetooth, from Imtiaz Super Market at minimal prices and maximum quality.

The most important factor in the completion of a task is time. When you know you have a lot of time, you will obviously choose to do something other than the assigned task, regardless of whether it is boring or not. It just gets worse when you know that it is boring. so for this, what you can do is set time goals. Limit your time by making a schedule. Even if you miss 4/10 tasks because they are boring, you would still be completing 6 of them in time. And with the span of time, this competition like the situation will keep increasing your speed and passion for those tasks. For schedules, you can stick post-its and sticky notes or note them down on a whiteboard, both of which are available at Imtiaz Super Market. Other than that, alarm clocks and stopwatches are also available that will help you chase and beat time.

Remember when we were kids and our parents used to bribe us with candies and chocolates just so we would finish our homework or listen to them? That’s called rewarding and incentives! And it’s great!

Decide that every time you finish a boring task, you shall reward yourself with a burger, pizza, ice cream, t-shirt, whatever – and get done with it. At Imtiaz Super Market, there is a massive assortment of gift stuff, food items, garments and anything that you can think of, that you can purchase as a reward for yourself.

You might think that these are really silly suggestions and we can’t fool ourselves, but trust me, we can. Just set a goal or decide on a reward and your speed will double itself!

So stop whining about your boring tasks and make it colorful, creative and competitive with Imtiaz Super Market!

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