The biggest online shopping fever of the year is around the corner and people are going crazy over the sale season, whether the sale is for one day or for a week everyone is looking for sale and discounts. Instagram pages are full of 11:11 sales. The craze of Gyara Gyara has begun and all the dealers, suppliers’, websites and the audience everyone has gone crazy with the massive 11:11 deals but it is even worth the hype?

There are so many other offline brands and companies that are offering and doing much more work than these online events which are not only cost-effective but include more branded and quality stuff. It still goes totally un-noticed because of obviously marketing strategies and the hype…

Imtiaz Super Market is offering amazing discounts, bundles, and deals back to back. From “meat and treat” to “wedding shehniyan”, and is now offering “Biggest Electronic Gala” that has a lot to offer. (don’t forget to check out)

The branding and the marketing, voice-overs, and entertainment along with the satisfaction of buying the right product from the shelf has more value than online shopping. (as per few surveys) But then again, “jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai” (the more you show the more you will sell – something like that)

The marketing tactic of these kinds of sales is amazing, every time there’s something new, how to advertise and the use of caricatures, everything is worth the praise but are the prices worth these praises? So many pages are copying the work and idea behind the 11:11 to grab the attention or to showcase their real and good worth of products. From the last 3 years, the hype and campaign of 11:11 are right on point, but after the event, the response from the consumers and customers are so different as they regret. They start complaining about the product, the price, and whatnot, most importantly the delivery time.

Wait let me tell you some fun facts and give you a chance to reduce your regression/guilt.

This month is almost the end of the year and everyone is preparing themselves for long winter vacations, wedding festivals and gaining some amazing shopping experiences. This is the perfect season of shopping for festivals like New Year, Christmas and snow, etc.

On these occasions, people love to buy new things to decorate the home or to reutilize and add some more stuff to the wardrobes, kitchen and home accessories. But often forget to compare item prices from different platforms (online and offline both) because yeah, they fall for the trap of sales. Let’s do some comparison to tell you and let you decide.

There are few products and categories that have different cut prices for every vendor on each product. Electronic items are one of those huge categories that have this pricing variance. Cosmetics, crockery and other home accessories, décor and all may also have different ranges per product and per vendor along with the prices but these electronic items has a huge impact on customers.

Cell phones on online platforms have high prices compared to the offline vendors and malls where you can go and see for yourself, and after all the ease, can easily purchase them.

For instance: this phone “XYZ” is available on online platforms for 32000 and offline means in stores and branches you will find it for 25000…. Just imagine the difference in price, even being on sale still has this huge price difference :S isn’t it shocking???

Imtiaz Super Market didn’t get involved in this craze of 11:11. Instead, they have a new campaign which is waiting for you all. After the wedding season that was “shadi ki shehnaiyan” they are launching a new campaign that is “Biggest Electronics Gala” that will be live in branches starting off 12-11-2019 till 25-11-2019…… Oh! You don’t want to miss it at all.

Unbeatable prices are being offered on various electronic products that include LEDs, Phones, Laundry, Kitchen appliances and whatnot, that you can compare from all the websites and from all the stores out there. You will see for yourself the massive difference in prices.

SO, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite electronic items on such an amazing price available only at Imtiaz Super Market before they are gone.

Happy Shopping 😊

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