World Information Day! Trends of Shopping…

Remember the days when shopping required going till the market and searching in the aisles for hours alone? Those days are over!

Over the years, shopping trends have changed vastly and for the good! The retail industry has transformed and today instead of consumers having to adapt to a brand’s conditions, the retails try more and more to be efficient and adapt to consumer preferences while making their service more convenient for the customers.

There was a time, before the trend of supermarkets and hypermarkets, when one had to visit each shop one by one, looking for a particular product at a particular shop assigned for it. Shopping was a chore that required lots of effort. However with time, with the popularity of supermarkets and hypermarkets, where one could find anything and everything and that too, in the widest assortment and at market prices, or lower, things changed!

From a chore, shopping turned into something that people started enjoying! These supermarkets not only became a house to thousands of amazing products that people go to buy, but they also became a hangout space for many where they could go with their mates, observe whatever is available and note it down for next time! Also, with supermarkets like Imtiaz Super Market where activities like campaigns, lotteries, and giveaways are done so frequently, shopping became a source of fun and entertainment.

With a further change in trends and progress; the internet and e-commerce have seized the market. The trend of online shopping has increased phenomenally. With customized and private online websites, managed by an efficient team, brands make sure that consumers receive maximum services with minimum efforts.

Imtiaz Super Market is one of the most consumer-friendly supermarkets obviously aspires to be the best that it can be to provide its customers with the ultimate shopping experience. For this reason, adapting to the needs and demands of the consumers, the supermarkets aim to launch their e-commerce website sooner rather than later so the consumers can benefit from it and can access the thousands of products available in-store at their fingertips. This, however, definitely won’t affect the quality of service in-store and the provision of exceptional goods and services will be ensured to customers both online and offline.

Until the e-commerce website is launched, Imtiaz Super Market’s online web page continues to make things easy for its customers by providing them with information on the scope of the supermarket, its services and categories and the latest trends, packages and benefits. Also, with customer reviews and updated articles, customers are kept aware of the general opinion of audiences.

Another shopping trend that has been observed is the ever-increasing sense of social consciousness. With the spread of awareness about the kind of environmental degradation that has been happening recently, customers are more inclined towards products that are more sustainable and brands that are more responsible.

The Imtiaz family is proud to inform its customers that Imtiaz Super Market is one of the most environment-friendly retails that cares about not only its customers but the wider surroundings as well. An eco-friendly initiative was taken at one of the branches of the Imtiaz supermarket (Malir branch) where plastic bags were replaced with paper bags to spread the message of a sustainable environment. The supermarkets aim to do this at every branch in the process of being more socially responsible.

Lastly, based on another latest shopping trend; consumers no more choose and visit brands solely on the basis of the products they are providing. Since almost everything is available online, if consumers are leaving their comfort zones and personally visiting stores to shop for things, they expect exceptional service in return.

The clientele of Imtiaz Super Market has nothing to worry about when it comes to customer care. Known for its fast service, the staff at Imtiaz is always present to assist and help the customers to look for anything they require along with guiding them about the various kinds of products available under the same department, varying by price and brands.

Conclusively, even though the shopping trends have changed massively throughout the years, it is a fact, that change is constant and to succeed one has to adapt to it. For this reason, Imtiaz Super Market prides itself on being the most consumer-friendly retails, adapting to their requirements, needs, and demands rapidly.

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