A hygienic and fresh assortment of FISH!

Fish, everyone loves to have fish specially in winters. Fish is easy to cook, an instant yet healthy thing to have. People refer to fish for diet purposes even as it is healthy and full of nutrition. Fish is considered a cheap source of protein diet.

Sea has a lot to offer us. Many kinds of Fishes are there, but not every fish is eatable.

Do you know shark fish is also eatable?

Yeah, you read it right, shark fish which is hard to catch and is expensive fish to have is eatable. Shark fish has a special part which is non-eatable, rest is just like an ordinary fish. Somewhere on the national geographic channel, there was this program in which they show unpredictable things that people eat and drink and are expensive. Being in a Muslim country I doubt that but then again, life and people are unpredictable. Ever heard of snake blood, people do drink snake blood to remain young. So, as they eat shark fish for some purpose.

Anyways, let’s read that in Pakistan what kinds of fishes are available:

Pakistan is a country of diverse landscapes, wildlife, and ecosystem. The rivers and lakes in Pakistan provide a home for fish . Pakistan is home to both; homegrown and exotic fish species.

There are 531 species of fish in Pakistan. 233 of them are freshwater. Mahseer is the national dish of Pakistan. (according to the Wikipedia). Can you believe that we have 531 types of fishes?

There are over 25 native cold-water fish species and three exotic fish species restricted to the northern area of the country. (according to another research)

The species of fishes have been vulnerable by changing environmental conditions and overfishing in most of the rivers and lakes. The total maritime zone of Pakistan is over 30 percent of the land area.

Marine fish is marketed as fresh, frozen, canned, cured, reduced to fishmeal, other purposes, and some retained by fishermen for their own use. The freshwater catch is marketed fresh for local consumption. Out of the total marine fish production, the percentage for human consumption ranged between 65 and 70 percent in 2006. The rest of the catch was used for other purposes, especially reduction to fishmeal.

Fish and shrimp processing are usually divided into mechanical and non-mechanical processing. The mechanical category includes freezing plants, canning, fishmeal plants, and fish liver oil extraction plants. In the non-mechanical category, there are dried fish, dried shrimp, shark fin, fish maw/stomach, live lobster, live crab, and fish roes/ovaries. There are 27 processing plants for the production of frozen products in Pakistan, one for canning and 8 for fishmeal processing. Almost 100 percent of the frozen and canned fishery products are exported, while the bulk of the processed fishmeal is used in the country in the manufacture of poultry feed or fish feed.

Karachi fish Harbor handles about 90% of fish and seafood caught in Pakistan and 95% of fish and seafood exports from Pakistan. (According to different articles)

That was the facts and researches about fishes!

Now let’s talk about the availability of fishes and where can we reach them. Obviously, the fish market is one of the places where you can easily find your kind of fish but due to the smell and stuff people, especially ladies avoid to visit that tacky and smelly place. So, what’s next? Where else can you find fresh fish?

Imtiaz supermarket a place where you will find more items than you think and know. From frozen to fresh, grocery to laundry and stationery to clothes, you will find everything under one roof. When Imtiaz supermarket has so much to offer than why not meat chicken and fish?

Here you will find 25 types of fishes that you can purchase at a good price and are fresh. They are available at the Gulshan branch, DHA branch, Malir Cantt branch and Tariq Road branch.

Here is the list of fishes that you will easily find in/at Imtiaz supermarket branches.

  1. Black Pomfret (Small)
  2. Chakori
  3. Dhaati
  4. Fresh Water RAHU (Large)
  5. Fresh Water RAHU (Small)
  6. King fish (Surmai)
  7. Mangra fish Boneless
  8. Mulla
  9. Mushka
  10. Prawns
  11. Queen fish (Saram)
  12. Raawas
  13. Red Snapper (Heera)
  14. Round Sole
  15. Silver Grunter (Dhotar)
  16. Tuna fish Boneless
  17. Tuna fish
  18. White Dandia
  19. White Kund
  20. White Pomfret (Large)
  21. White Pomfret (Small)
  22. Yellow fish (Goli)
  23. Baby Bekti (Daangri)
  24. Black Kund
  25. Black Pomfret (Large)

DO you know you can check the freshness of fish?

Yes, now you can easily check the fish is fresh or not by looking at the gills of a fish, fresh fish gills are bright red or pink in color. Fresh fish has a mild scent and moist flesh, and appear freshly cut. Whole fish have bright, bulging eyes, this is also another hint of checking the freshness.

Don’t purchase fish that has a strong, fishy odor.

Frozen fish should meet the fresh-smell test and have taut packaging with no evidence of ice or blood.

So, here’s our talk about fish and kinds and stuff, if you like it then don’t forget to like and comment below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will find more amazing videos and Wednesday facts.

Until next time 😉

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