A Lazy Sunday!!!

Hi, their guys!!!

I am back… oh, I have written such a long post which got replaced and now I am writing it again for all of you… because hot topics are always something that’s worth and this is not only a hot topic but also a topic, I would debate on… 😀

So, starting again…

Sunday — a lazy day for all, or if not for all it is for me….

And why not, when I have 6 working days a week, then Sundays are the ones when I wanted to rest… but then again, few Sundays are not the lazy ones, they suddenly become the busiest ones and happening ones…

This Sunday when I woke up I was dizzy and not feeling well… but the excitement I have in me was something that didn’t make me go slow, so forcing myself I got ready and visited Gulshan branch, Imtiaz super market, because why not, grocery shopping can be done from there along with the opportunity to meet and greet the celebrity.

Juggun Kazim was there for promoting and talking about the hair color, hair treatments and trending colors these days while mentioning that how she and Hania both are drooling over red hairs.

The best thing about Juggun is that she is humble and sweet… I love interacting with her, she is friendly and that’s why I love her, although I love her beautiful eyes, and I can’t stop mentioning that ever…

I love welcoming her and meeting her, always and I so wish to have more time with her, because even if it for the company or what she is humble, she is mature enough to handle and talk and love 😊

Give me a whole day and I will keep saying good things about her…. So let’s move on with the next segment.

Right after that, I had another event which is lux-style award.

I had gone home and I got ready for the event, though my body was in pain, but how can I miss watching all the people under one roof…. This was my first ever opportunity to witness this huge event live, not from or through a camera but through real vision… so I was excited and happy but as soon as I was there, I saw people coming, the red carpet, the glamor and what not but something was not right….

I regret going there because my heart was so in confusion, it feels like I was there yet wasn’t there… feels like I wanted to enjoy but watching them this close was making me sick, maybe because I was already sick…

I was surrounded by the glamorous world, the world full with fake smiles, fake laughter’s, and fake relations that they portray on screens in interviews and in these sort of functions…

Rumors are always there, but to witness it and to know the truth behind the camera is always a tough job…

The stunt that we all witnessed in LSA, was the proposal, which got a lot of attention and a lot of people are talking about it, talk of the town, even after watching behind the scenes and doing more research it is proving that it was all a plan, and why not, its no crime in accepting what you love.

Yasir Hussain was one which got my attention in a drama I use to watch back then, and then I saw a few more, he is a writer and an actor, whatever he does, he does the best, I like his sense of humor, except for the few things, still he knows how to cover and how to respond to everything, because do you remember how affected and offended Hania Amir felt on his words?

Yeah, the controversy after which they have unfollowed each other and social media kept running behind them, and all the rumors they were the talk of the town.

Anyways, people are still running behind them, and following them, the thing that bothered me, the most was the unlimited smooches and kisses he passed on, and I was thinking how much he would get trolled afterward, but then I researched on him and Iqra.

Iqra who won LSA and indeed she is a good actress and suno chanda season one was indeed a good one with few overacting but Ranjha Ranjha was more I mean her acting was more versatile in that drama.

Yasir Hussain and Iqra were friends, good friends and then went on a trip, a vacation where they pose and enjoyed as per their stories…

The dress she wore in LSA have a swan, love bird theme, and she was obviously pairing with Yasir Hussain who is giving us major goals. And why did I mention goals because being in a group or being active on social media you read a lot of stuff, which means a lot of negative comments, people I guess come on social media so that either they post a life which is in reality not active or just to see how others are doing… comparing….

The photoshoot and behind the scenes of LSA and her dressing is amazing, I undoubtedly loved her white stuff and makeover…

The only thing which made me disturb was the kisses, the speech he made before proposing and the way she accepted without any wait, her reaction it felt like she already knew but pretending not to know, and that is why I call it a stunt… She does things on screen more appropriate way, but anyways, it was her life, and her way of accepting it was… but how daring he was to accept it in front of thousands of people?

Even I dig a bit in the comment section where he has defended his choice his love and Iqra. People troll her for being short heightened, she is the one with a small height, so when she posts herself while driving people to comment “feet pohanch gaye” I mean so negative and so much bashing?

Yasir Hussain always uses to reply to such pathetic comments with sarcastic or being rude, even if he is rude its good… and so many more comments that took my attention, and I totally fell in love with this guy. If everyone becomes like him, this protective about their loves and their life, the earth would have become such a better place to live.

A guy who is confident enough to accept you with all the faults in you is surely a dream or goal I believe.

Because trust me these days this kind of confidence is hard to find and rare to digest … 😀

I have much more to say but some other time will continue telling you, till I search more about this guy and give you more reasons to not hate him.

My Sunday night was loaded with these thoughts and much more… so, in the end, it was a busy one, not the lazy that I always have…

Anyways that was my story of a lazy Sunday being the most exciting Sunday

Let me know what you think about the couple and the proposal, and Sunday?

Until next time 😊

Keep writing to us and let us know what you want to know and read more?

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