Most expensive makeup brands!

Makeup people say this is a waste of time and money but what a woman says and feels about makeup is entirely a different story.

In fact, a fun fact is that men usually like a woman who has makeup on because her features are prominent but when it comes to shopping for makeup they refuse and say you look good without any makeup…. That’s a cruel reality we have faced somewhere somehow….

Appearances matters the most, even when you are a handicap, you do makeup to cover your flaws and you do makeup so that the attention can be diverted from one to another. Makeup can be a dream for some and a plaything to be around. Makeup makes you feel alive and young as it is used to enhance your features, and hide your wrinkles. For applying makeup, you really need a good hand and a lot of practice for a flawless look. Makeup goes hand in hand because the one who loves to create and show creativity cannot live without it, some try to create looks that grab attention and some to inspire others. Enhancement of your cheekbones or shape of lips, or a sharp eyebrow, or even to scare someone with a fake injury look, everything is possible with the help of a few strokes of makeup.

Initially, only actors in male leads use to apply makeup, but now makeup is making its way in men’s lives as well. Makeup is no longer the sole field of women as men have also stepped inside the boundary. Men who try to create some amazing looks and show that even having a shave you can totally rock the looks are spreading a message, that even after everything “YOU MATTER”, “YOU ARE FLAWLESS”, “YOU ARE WORTH IT”, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL”, an inspiring story and a motivation for many of the people who are dealing with skin color issues. Because of all this craze and interests, several brands have launched products separately for men as well as women.

Talking about makeup there are brands that we think and take very lightly. Consider them that they might not be a high-end product, but when in reality they are the most expensive range of cosmetic brands. There is a perception about the brand that if it is cheap and affordable the quality would be not good. But that’s not always true. High-priced makeup is only used by few and only selected few can afford them. Brands matter the most because it is all about your skin. The best makeup brands provide guarantee and the purity of their products.

There was a time when makeup was used only during celebrations, occasions, events, movies or at specific times. Now makeup is used in everyday life, both personal and professional front, whether no-makeup look or a look that defines a character. You cannot survive one day without makeup products.

People are now more educated and are now inclined to buy from the best and authentic sources, as they do not want to take any risk with their skin. Imtiaz Super Market is selling 100% original cosmetic products, along with bringing newer high-quality brands and amazing products. Visit our page and branch to witness yourself.

The multi-billion-dollar cosmetic industry is here to stay along with giving numerous ideas and products, offering surgeries for enhancing and changing the features. It is a hard fact of life that economic crises and global ups and downs have a huge impact on import and export yet do not have too much impact on high-end brands, no matter hell or heaven women will not stop using makeup and the brands will keep on flourishing day and night.

Let’s see few names that count in most expensive cosmetic brands and are easily available in Pakistan and at Imtiaz Super Market:

Mary Kay:

It is one of the most expensive brands around the world, yet is available in Pakistan.

Mary Kay is an American origin company that deals in multilevel marketing. It was founded in the year 1963 in Dallas, Texas by its founder Mary Kay Ash. At the end of the financial year 2018 with revenues of 3.25 billion dollars, it was in the top ten positions as the leading cosmetic brand in the world. At the end of the financial year 2019, it has become the number 2 most expensive makeup brand because of its fruitful association with the high-grade cosmetic industry.


Generating revenues of 26.93 billion Euros is L’Oreal. One of the largest and most expensive makeup brands in the world. Because of you worth it, it is actually available in Pakistan, multiple sellers are selling it and are also available in Imtiaz Super Market.

L’Oreal is active in nearly five continents with its product base spread to more than one hundred and thirty countries. L’Oreal is a French origin company associated with the cosmetics industry and founded in the year 1909 by its founder Eugene Schueller. Some facts about L’Oreal; L’Oreal is one of the few companies that offer separate products for professional and consumer use. The company has branched out in every field related to cosmetics.

The good part about this brand is, it has refused to test its products on animals. Its endeavor is to protect animals from any harm. Loreal is associated with numerous sub-brands that have helped it in attaining its current position in the market.


Who is not fond of MAC? MAC is also one of the most expensive brands around the world having an annual turnover of more than 1 billion dollars. MAC stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics and was founded in the year 1984 by its co-founders Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan. With headquarters based in New York City, it has spread its product base to most of the countries in the world. MAC is a subsidiary of its parent company Estee Lauder Companies and is associated with the cosmetics industry.

MAC products are expensive, but they have gained fame because of their exclusive nature and high quality. MAC is available in Pakistan.

Estee Lauder:

Founded in the year 1946, Estee Lauder is the parent company to several top brands like MAC Cosmetics, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Smash-box. Founded by Joseph Lauder and Estee Lauder has managed to gain a firm footing in the cosmetic industry over the years and now has spread its presence in most parts of the globe. Estee Lauder is a multinational and most expensive makeup brand in the world having headquarters in New York City. It was the first to gain fame as a cosmetic brand for men also besides women as its main customers. This brand is available in Pakistan.


Ori-flame another expensive brand that is available in Pakistan. Supplied by different channels and person. Ori-flame is one of the popular yet expensive brands around the world. This brand was initially available through people, as it wanted to reach to its consumers by direct selling method. There was no particular franchise, still, there is no franchise but there is a shop now where you can visit. This is an amazing brand, personally, it is expensive yet the products are simply irresistible. Pure and quality ingredients are the brand’s USP, which has resulted in the success of the brand, along with the products that have become a huge hit with the customers.

Lastly Maybelline:

Maybelline is an American origin brand that was founded in the year 1915 by its founder Thomas Lyle Williams. It is a subsidiary of its parent company L’Oreal and serves a worldwide audience in one hundred and twenty countries from headquarters based in New York in the United States.

Maybelline is available in Pakistan, at various market places plus it is available in Imtiaz Super Market. Maybelline is personally my favorite brand. It is the most expensive brand according to the stats and world. But for me, it is the most reasonable drug store makeup product. The results and the products are amazing plus it doesn’t irritate the skin. It has an amazing range of colors for lips, eyes, face, and whatnot, this brand covers all.


This brand is also one of the expensive brands in the world. This brand is available in Pakistan and in Imtiaz Super Market. It is more of a skincare product.

These were a few expensive brands. Hope you like this blog, please do let us know in the comment section your views. If you think more of brands that are expensive and are not in the list mention those in the comment section below.

Until next time….

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