Wedding Sounds So Cool!

Word wedding sounds so cool, like a bed of roses and dreams of traveling and enjoying and fun and a movie that only has a happy ending.

Today I will be discussing a few wedding points or facts, some light that is important to shed on, that we really need to know.

First of all, if we think it is a bed of roses than let me fix it for you…. NO! it’s not and yeah, a bed of roses for a beautiful stunning bride only and then it’s all a waste. Oh! don’t worry, waste is the petals of roses that were decorated.

Okay so wedding, that word is fascinating for so many people, on so many levels but hold on let’s discuss the things here in detail and then will debate on it, “a bed of roses or a pile of responsibilities?”

The wedding comes with a load of responsibilities that you need to understand with love, care, patience, and compromise.

Wedding; “Qabool hai” and she said; “yes”

It’s not a day that just happen, it’s a life that goes on with the rest of your life. For a girl, she has to leave her house family friend’s job and everything she owns and for boys he has to make changes in everything he does, make space for his spouse in his room and life.

When there is a family meets up, and when things are going smooth the date is set and from that time till the time of leaving one home and going into the next is crucial.

For some people, it’s lifetime imprisonment and for some it’s good, everyone has a different story to share but things that remain constant are

  • Baat pakki
  • Mehandi
  • Nikkah
  • Parlor
  • Wedding
  • Ruksati
  • Valima

An Emotional Roller Coaster

And loads of shopping in between all this.

From the day the date is decided, planning for booking a hall, the parlor and all the list of items that are or will be required for the bride in the new home is set. Slowly the trips to the market are set and slowly the house is loaded with items that will be soon gone in the new home.

Different market visits are compulsory for the rates and for God knows whatnot. People often visit the Imtiaz Super Market as well for the purchasing.

Whether it is jewelry or makeup or innerwear people do shop them from Imtiaz Super Market, even sometimes the gift items, chocolates and showpieces crockery and other items that are necessary and are available at Imtiaz Super Market people do buy. The reason it’s affordable and reliable, along with quality products. Also, most items are covered under one roof.

Some people say we are against dowry and they refuse to take the items, whereas majority people are greedy and take the dowry, if for not themselves then for their family, like “bahu s ly lu Behan ko dyne mai kam ayega” or “bahu ye ly ayegi toh ye nikaldaingy kharab hogae hai”. It as portrayed in the drama’s as well and to so many levels this is so wrong but the norms……

The word Bahu or daughter in law is the extremely crucial word because the things the daughter is allowed to do the daughter in law is not allowed to do. There is always a difference between daughter and daughter in law.

This topic is a long and debatable one so right now let me tell you about the festival magazine and the discounts Imtiaz Super Market  is offering on cosmetics and electronics that can help you create your wedding package also don’t forget to show your loyalty card in end to have the points and more offers on our loyalty program.

Until next time take care 😉

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