BOUNCE when you can!

Hello friends, we are back with a fun topic, remember me telling in my last blog about the fun we had on Friday and the other was the annual picnic of Imtiaz super market. It was so hard to come up with the stamina because why not, a whole day of work, then fun and then again fun, with so little sleep.

Yeah, today I will be telling you how fun it is to go on with office people, the team who eventually becomes your family, because why not we spent more hours with them than with the people at home actually a bitter truth.

So, it was Friday and not the weekend night, because remember telling you all about 6 working days?

Yeah but Saturday was official picnic so apparently, we have Saturday as a chill day and not working, so we all decided to go for fun at Ocean mall.

Ocean Mall, which offers bounce, battle station, VR gaming, Haunted house and much more, guess what we did there?

We went in for bounce, because who doesn’t like to be a kid again.

We have some very skinny people in our team and watching them going that high makes me feel like why am I so heavy 😀

Played bouncing a basketball, which was a wow experience. Then we did some fun fighting with the cushions next door, though I didn’t know the dept and tripped over which made my feet froze for a min, and which is why I mentioned having caution while jumping.

Anyways, we did so much fun, we never wanted to leave that bounce, because you know what, no matter much you jump and jump, you don’t get exhausted soon, the trampoline has such an amazing re-bouncing ability that doesn’t make you tired that fast.

Why I am saying this is when you simply hop while doing skipping rope or just simple hops you feel tired, but in bounce, it is actually fun, you bounce back, you flip, even when you want to sit you can’t you are bouncing and bouncing…

All you need is to take care of your foot because of no matter how hard you try you can easily get injured, so while bouncing and enjoying I was pretty much conscious to stay in between and not getting close to the place where you can walk.

If you have been in bounce, please do share your experience of bounce.

What do you think about bounce and games and everything that are becoming a norm these days?

Do you think that bounce ineffective and good for you?

It is surely expensive for some people and some might think that why putting this much money for 45mins max, the time you start enjoying completely is the time when it is going to be over…. because you keep on bouncing and don’t notice the time, but time used to run like in a blink…

Bounce has surely gained some followers and lovers because of its kind of amazing fun exercise. Also, it has expanded itself, it is available in pavilion end as well.

Share your views in the comment section below.

Bounce when you still can… also, let us know how much do you like it?

What are your thoughts about bounce? If we come with an exciting offer that is hard for you to resist would you avail?

Please do leave your thoughts which might help us choose better for you and your experience with our loyalty keychain.

Until next time 😊

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