Sharing gift cards with your grandparents!!

Have you ever wondered about growing old?

Have you ever thought about getting old, when you are unable to do things on your own?

Just recently I have started to observe my parents and grandparents way to closely how they are getting old and how fast we are growing feels like yesterday when we were kids and ask parents to fulfill our dreams with and do things for us, and now at this point, it feels like we are not only taking care of our self but also taking care of our parents.

Those shivering hands, weak eyes, weak hearing, and the repeating of every word, every question is asked twice or thrice, the wet eyes, the white hair, even the eyebrow turn white, the wrinkle faces. I have never seen a beauty like that ever before.

Parents are a blessing and growing old with them is more than a blessing, because yes they fight more than an adult, they create scenes more than the others, while eating food, they drop the food more than babies, and yes they don’t agree to what you say, because they always say, I know things very well. On going out for a drive or a party, they always say oh this is something new, in our time this wasn’t like this, and some more old stories, some repeated stories, and what not…. Everything they say or ask, even their food timings, to ask for food, to not eat what we cook and to do be a child again.

Remember when we read the Quran??

How beautifully the Quran has described a life of human cycle? From a baby to an old age human.

Somewhere I heard a lady describing and detailing how familiar a baby and an old age person are!

In some books, the beauty of life and the growing signs of the human body, the transformation of cells on every second, from a dot of blood, to a newborn baby, from a kid to a fully grown individual, and then from a solid individual to a growing old kind of weak person, from solid muscles to a weak body, where bones are weak, the skin is wrinkled, hair is white and teeth are breaking, when even voice is shivering, a journey from, we can’t say a word or do things on our own, a mother’s heart is all that hear us and do things for us, all those unwanted rants and sleepless nights, to a fully grown energetic and exciting life, to a mature state and experience with a shivering hand and no one around to talk just like a kid.

The only difference between the kid and an old person is that, people, love kids and they like to play with them, whereas with the old age group, it feels like they don’t understand us, they are backward and they won’t be able to ever understand what we go through, we don’t even stand near them, because they might ask us for some work and we don’t want to help them. Leaving them all alone at the age when they needed us the more just like a kid.

Have you ever visited an old home?

If no, then you must, because it’s sad that we don’t keep them home now, we kick them out of the home because they can’t stand beside them, because they disturb our routine or because we can’t take care of them.

Watching those wrinkle faces, waiting for their loved ones, and telling their own old stories, repeating things, make my heart sink and cry, that how cruel we all have become, we are forgetting the basic and also the fact that time will repeat itself, and that this will be our time too, not today but surely a day will come when karma will do and we will also be kicked out of home, what then?

Parents are a blessing and so the grandparents. Giving someone or any old person a reason for smile is blessing too because it gives you inner peace. Helping or playing with kids or spending time with grandparents gives you such peace and make your way so smooth, it magically disappears your problems and worries.

So why not sharing gift cards with your grandparents and take them out for shopping time, reliving some old-time, while listening to the stories and letting them shop, at the end let them pay through the gift card, because obviously they are old and they are experiencing and they have always shopped from their own pockets, so this time again let them do and let them feel alive again…

Cherish and love your grandparents when they are around because not everyone has them and not everyone will have them forever, they are precious and they will leave your world making your life a little incomplete by a space that no one can ever fill.

Enjoy shopping with Imtiaz super market and purchase our a gift card to gift your grandparents because Imtiaz super market gives you a variety of options and items. There are some products which grandparents would love to have as it has a story attached to tell, so explore it out with Imtiaz super market in any of its branches and share it out with us, here or any of our social platforms.

Until next time 😊

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