Flags, fireworks and lots of fun!

Flags, fireworks and lots of fun! That’s what comes to mind as soon as someone mentions the date 14th August.

It doesn’t matter how old you are because whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult, the excitement that Independence Day brings never changes. Throughout the year, there are some dates that you keep waiting for, and 14th August is one of them. Those family get-togethers, friend’s BBQs and the best part… a public holiday! What can be more exciting than an uncalled holiday?!

I remember shopping for Independence Day as a kid… those themed t-shirts and kurtas with the National flag, those badges, those fireworks… I especially used to go to purchase all this with my brother. Years passed but the excitement never subsided. Even to this date, I still go AZAADI shopping!

This year I have planned to do all my shopping from Imtiaz Super Market. I usually go there for most of my shopping but like a lot of people I was not aware that you could even purchase event-based goods from there, however when I went through their monthly magazine, I saw a lot of things that I need to purchase for this upcoming holiday and now I won’t have to go anywhere else!

This year, since Independence Day and Eid are falling around the same time, a lot of people must be planning a lot of things and for that, they must be requiring lots of things! But there’s nothing to worry about as everything is available at IImtiaz Super Market.

There are super sales on essential food items like pickles and spices and fruits, vegetables and even meat is being sold on deliciously low prices! So whether you’re planning to cook Biryani, Karahi , Achar Gosht or any such dish and some amazing desserts like fruit custard or trifle, everything you need is available in-store! If you want to cook something special like meatballs and minced chicken but don’t have the right appliances, branded meat grinders and choppers are also on sale at very affordable prices!

Want to celebrate Eid and Independence together with friends and family? Why not host a Barbeque!? Everything from BBQ stoves to meat, spices and the most attractive crockery to serve your food in, is available at Imtiaz Super Market!

Since you are planning so much this year, you’re obviously going to want to look good and for that, you can purchase all the jewelry, make-up and garments that you desire from the Super Market.

Also, in the monthly magazine, I went through displays of kid’s apparel and they were so cute that I have already chosen what I’m going to buy for my little niece and nephews to wear this holiday! Oh, which also reminds me… if you’re super fun and patriotic, they’re even selling customized t-shirts for men based on the Independence theme! I mean… I would definitely buy it, so you should too!

There’s really nothing left that you would need for the celebration of this holiday that they haven’t put on sale for our convenience! Also, to get into that vibe… they’ve even decorated all the branches with national flags and the staff members are also wearing themed shirts and badges. How cool!

This Independence Day, I am shopping for everything from Imtiaz Super Market with lots and lots of AZAADI… what about you?

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