How are we celebrating and reliving memories of Independence Day!!

Remember the school days? When we use to plan and prepare ourselves for the event right after holidays? August comes with school openings, friendship day/week followed by patriotism and ending with the stress of coming up exams or monthly test in September.

We use to happily go to school, wear the badge throughout the month, plan for performances which use to happen on 14th August, tableau, singing songs, competitions, and the morning parade.

That patriotic feel, when we purchase those flags which we all use to décor our houses with and the streets which have the stalls. The colorful streets and houses, the flag ceremony and the fireworks. Everything is just beyond words can express. The light shows which use to happen every other day on the street of Pakistan with the fairy lights is amazing, people use to decorate offices and houses and buildings to show and celebrate 14th August. Wearing badges every day in August, showing how much we all love Pakistan and how much patriotic we are, singing patriotic songs special screening, stage shows and what not…

As the month of August starts, we being Pakistani use to start shopping for the green color, wear badges, bangles, decorate offices, tables, houses and buildings with flag and lights.

Eid ul Adha and 14th august coming together, dates clashing, the excitement of celebrations are there, but the sadness of not having the holiday for 14th august is there too as we have our 3rd day of Eid. This is so surprisingly sad because our holiday gets in trouble.

Anyways what are your thoughts about it?

Whenever the holidays are clashing with some Islamic event dates, it is actually a sad day for all the working people especially women who crave for some more off days.

In IImtiaz Super Market, 14th august is celebrated through activities for customers, special green dresses, badges, and decorations within the branch happen. Special cake cutting, because showing patriotism and enjoying it with everyone is what we do.

The head office is also decorated with flag buntings, with a cute and charming stage at the entrance which is covered with colorful green, white and golden balloons. The head office is also in the plan of a small celebration, which will have some activities and gifts. Some badges and bangles will be distributed among the people with a cake cutting ceremony, followed by hi-tea.

How did you celebrate your Independence Day in office?

I remember my previous office where we decorate the office cut the cake go live and do some really fun play games challenge each other and whatnot.

This year with IImtiaz Super Market head office we are once again planning and trying our best to do such fun activities, which not only motivate the team but also boost their energy and make them relive their school days once again.

What do you think?

School days and 14th August


Office days and 14th August?

Which days were the best of your life?

In-office, we don’t get a chance to prepare for the stuff, the excitement is there but we no longer perform, instead, we sleep or roam around the malls, see the decorations and shop because so many brands use to give special discounts on 14th August.

What do you do?

What kind of person are you?

The sleepy and resting one.

The picnic/party with family friends

Shop and roam

Or the one with books, movies, house core work, and home.

Don’t forget to write to us, what you do on a holiday like 14th August?

Until next time 😊

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