Eid ul Adha – BBQ! The shopping time and the party time…

Eid ul Adha – BBQ

Hello all, we are back with a new topic, and this time it’s about Eid…. 😊

Who doesn’t like Eid?

The shopping time and the party time…

Whenever I hear Eid, I feel like its time for Ramadan and all the fasting late-night shopping spree, namaz taraveeh and all the fun moments, longer time with family and blessing everywhere…

But Eid is not only this, we have two Eid’s and the other one is about the recalling the sacrifice, Hajj and all the religious events that we do … The purchasing of animals, everywhere are the tents and animals, roads have more traffic because of all the small mandi’s small cattle that we have on the roadside.

It is the messiest type of Eid, not the part of the sacrifice and religious points, but yes, the mess, the blood which is not cleaned, the garbage which is not wrapped up properly the after-effects of the mess.

I cannot deny the fact and the enthusiasm of people who take part, who use to go to the cattle and try to find a nice animal for sacrifice, May Allah accepts our deeds and intentions, (hope they are pure and not a race).

Every year the cattle raise their bar of selling animals, and as the peak factors are everywhere around, as everything has increased the prices it is getting high and hard to buy an animal to bear the cost of even a goat, still somehow somewhere people try hard to put their all power in purchasing a good nice animal, not the one who would beat the mohalle ka expensive animal, (neighbor’s expensive animal) but at least gives you a satisfaction of doing Qurbani.

We all have that friend who use to show off their animal, then someone in our colony who would show off, I don’t understand the need of show off the animals.

Back in my childhood, we use to be happy about the Qurbani and having an animal in the house, even mandi’s cattle houses use to be at high way, as far as I remember there used to be few cattle farmhouses. As the era changes and as the standard rises, we have now a variety of farmhouses, every next person uses to purchase their own few slots of animals and make them sell at high prices.

Even on the Eid days, they are open, you can visit and buy, in old days the rates use to drop on the second and third day of Eid, but nowadays they don’t care to drop the price….

Now the minimum opening rates of animals are 70,000 for a normal animal if you opt for the kid of cow-calf (bachiya) it starting rate is 50,000. Talking of goats and sheep’s, a few years back you can have a goat for 20,000 and sheep for 12,000 (these are the minimum opening rates) but now they are sold at 30,000/-.

There are so many organizations which make people contribute for one share, back days you can put your share in 5000 than rate increased and last year it was 7-8000 for one share. People use to save their income so that they can actually opt and be eligible for sacrificing Qurbani. This is the best thing people do, they contribute and make a pool so that they can also have an opportunity to enjoy the festive.

Eid is not about showing off how well off you are and how expensive animal you can afford, it is all about the intentions, and the welfare you do, the distribution you do within the family and outside the families, for those who don’t eat meat and can’t afford the meat for the whole month, it is about the remembrance of the past and events, as it is said it’s not the blood nor the meat that reaches to Allah it is the intention that reaches to Allah.

Let’s make this Eid worthy for everyone, let’s help in distributing the meat as much as we can, let’s help each other in this good cause.

Let me know about your preparations for Eid-ul-Azha and what type of animal do you buy?

Are the one who show off or the one who keeps on praying for an animal to buy?

Or the one who put their share for the Qurbani?

Oh! That’s not a wrap, we have more things to talk about…

And yes! I am talkative and I like talking with you all…

What do you do on Eid?

Help your mother’s in the kitchen or the one that used to close themselves in the room?

I am particularly the one who use to close myself in the room, I use to watch the Qurbani, but then use to lock me up in the room, because I can not tolerate the smell of fresh meat.

Though when I was a kid, I use to be right beside my Taya abbu and see how the butcher cuts and to do pieces, also I use to see the veins heart arteries because I was in love with biology and all this. As I grew up I am still in love with the biology, I use to see that even after all that blood left the body the cutting and pieces the fresh meat used to vibrate, and it is hot on touching any piece it’s hot, the smell is so strong it does not leave your body at all, also the fresh meat has a tendency to stick on you.

Anyways parents use to keep a condition for everything, to make you learn, so my parents have a condition, if I want a BBQ party, I have to help them in pieces cutting cooking and winding up. Yeah, even after being allergic and not eating meat I love doing BBQ because who doesn’t love it? And yes! For the sake of the party, I have to cover my nose with a cloth which has ittar on it, which stays longer than anything. Which helps me keep going with the preps.

As soon as the meat is cut and there are pieces, we use to make bundles for distributing and for late use, also we use to prepare the kaleeji’s and BBQ preps because they say the longer the masala stays, it becomes tastier. For me on day one it’s the busiest also the preps, for kabab, qeema, seekhain and what not… feels like we are the only one in the family who does all this, after making a full contribution towards relatives and poor people.

 Anyways, share your routine of day one and two, because there are people who do Qurbani on the second day and few on day three…

Until next time 😊

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