The specialty of Super Markets – What makes Imtiaz Super Market different from others?

Supermarkets are large self-service shops where all kinds of products are available that you can’t find in comparatively smaller marts like grocery or utility stores. The main aim of supermarkets is to make a large variety of products and services accessible for the general public easily and under one roof for their convenience.

 The significance of supermarkets in Pakistan, especially in Karachi is such that there is a whole neighborhood in the town of Karachi that is named ‘Supermarket’ after a supermarket.


Imtiaz Super Market, being one of the leading retail brands in Pakistan, provides the ultimate shopping experience for their customers. With the decades’ old vision to be recognized as a premier Supermarkets that anticipate the customer needs and provides its services, Imtiaz Super Market is nationally known as the most convenient and cost-effective supermarket. Not only does it ensure the provision of all types of goods, whether consumer goods like eatables or grocery, home appliances, cellphones and much more, the facility of parking lots is also available at all Imtiaz stores making it different and more efficient from other marts. Along with domestically popular products, international products are also imported and made available at our stores to ensure an assortment of products for the consumers.

card bunch
Gift Cards

With the recent introduction of loyalty cards and gift cards, we encourage consumers to visit us more so we can show our loyalty to them as much as they show theirs to us in the form of earning points that can be spent to shop for more stuff or buy gift cards that hold exciting surprises for the customers. The most incredible the part is that to appreciate the work and services of our armed forces, there are special and customized loyalty cards for them.

Loyalty Keychain


A unique aspect of our franchises is that most members of our staff, especially in the customer contact department are multi-lingual. Even the online website of Imtiaz supermarket is multi-lingual hence, reflecting how much the convenience of our clients matters to us. This website is updated on a weekly basis with the minute details of all thousands of products that are available including their size, color options, shelf life, etc.

The online and offline magazine of Imtiaz allows consumers to go through and stay informed about the latest packages and upcoming discounts at the supermarket.

Furthermore, each member of staff at each of the branch of Imtiaz supermarket is friendly and enthusiastic to serve. With zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment towards any customer, Imtiaz supermarket ensures a safe, comfortable, the convenient, economical and enriching shopping experience for all customers.

It is safe to say that with the amount of upward momentum Imtiaz Super Market has achieved throughout the years, it is not just an ordinary supermarket; it is a hypermarket that ensures a superior experience for their clientele.Ñ

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