Is your Eid-ul-Adha shopping complete yet?

Eid is one of the most important and holiest events of Islam. Eid-ul-Adha, in particular, is known as the ‘BARI’ or bigger Eid of the two Eids, which makes it even holier. It is also known as the “festival of sacrifice”, honoring the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim as an act of love and unconditional devotion towards Allah.

On this holy event, Muslims sacrifice animals – usually goats, sheep, cows and camels and distribute that meat among family members, relatives, neighbors, and friends and also donate it to the poor. Everyone comes together for feasts and get-togethers and celebrate the event with joy. Families start preparing for this one event weeks and months before. Women go out to shop for garments, shoes, makeup, and jewelry excitedly and men are busy visiting ‘MANDI’ to purchase the best and healthiest animal for the sacrifice.

There are a lot of things required when it comes to Eid preparation and what can be better than the facility of having everything available under one roof. This is why you should visit Imtiaz Super Market for your Eid shopping this year; where whatever you need is just an aisle away. A wide assortment of garments and shoes for men, women, and kids at the most reasonable prices is available so you can purchase not just one, but multiple dresses for the numerous gatherings that you have to attend. You can also buy classy dresses or suits for the little ones of your family as an Eid gift.

We know that our Eid look is incomplete without that glowing highlighter and attractive lipsticks which is why we have a whole range of good quality make-up in the health and beauty category where you can go and choose a palette or collection of lip and eye colors of your choice!

Okay now let’s come to the guests. It’s Eid so you’re going to need the best crockery to serve those amazing dishes to your guests. Out of cute plates? No worries! Imtiaz Super Market has a whole collection of dishes suitable for all events and gatherings.

Since we are talking about dishes… food!! Ensure that your menu is amazing with all the masalas, spices, sauces and pastes that you will purchase from the Super Market to make your food taste utterly delicious and mouth-watering.

Are you planning a Barbeque with your cousins and friends this Eid but you don’t have the resources? Not an issue! From the barbeque grill to the sticks and coals, everything that you need for an awesome barbeque is available at Imtiaz Super Market.

There is absolutely nothing that one can’t love about Eid. The food, the people, the parties! It’s all just AMAZING!

And to make your already amazing day even more special… Imtiaz Super Market is right by your side – AS ALWAYS!

So Eid  MUBARAK to you all and have a blessed and special Eid with Imtiaz Super Market family!!

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