Want Great Hair?

I love my hair! Seriously! I want to do everything I can to keep them soft, shiny and healthy… and I am pretty sure you all care about your hair just as much! After all, hair is an indication of our beauty!

Our hair is something that not only helps others forms a perception about us, our personalities, how much we care about ourselves and our bodies and how groomed we are, it also creates the perfect and final look at every event, occasion, and venue. Just the way we’ve tied or styled our hair changes our look completely! And just to ensure that our final look whether casual, formal or semi-formal is always on point, we use multiple products on our hair.

Luckily, everything I use for my hair or can think of is available at Imtiaz Super Market. Whether your hair is curly, straight or wavy, there are products to style all hair types and flourish all hair textures whether they may be brittle, rough, dry, oily or already smooth and soft and just need maintenance.

Okay, so we all know that the first and most important thing to keep our hair healthy is to keep the CLEAN! However, doctors suggest that one mustn’t shampoo their hair more than three or more times a week as shampoos contain a lot of chemicals! Personally, my doctor always suggests me to condition my hair well after shampoo and I don’t think there’s any kind of negative side effect of conditioning. But for those who are worried about it can do it only once or twice or once in a while. If you’re completely against conditioners, well then you can always go for organic or branded and reliable hair masks.

Some important tips regarding shampoo and conditioning that I read and heard many times are that always rinse your hair with shampoo twice to ensure that your scalp is fully cleansed! And leave your conditioner for at least two minutes before rinsing it off. Lastly, you should always, always change your shampoo brand after at least three months because once your scalp gets used to the chemicals, the shampoo stops having any kind of effect on your hair quality.

Luckily, at Imtiaz Super Market, there are aisles and aisles full of sooo many shampoos and conditioners that you can choose from. Herbal, organic, inorganic – all kinds of hair wash and conditioners are available of all national and international brands of varying price ranges. So every 3 months, you can just walk into any Imtiaz Super Market and choose a shampoo of your choice that smells just great!

I recently changed my shampoo from GQ to ‘herbal essence (strawberry scent)’ and it smells GREAT! I also bought a conditioner of the same brand and when used together, my hair feels amazing!

So for those who don’t like to use conditioners but have issues with rough and frizzy hair, there is a whole range of hair serums is available. Livon,  L’OrealGarnierDove and anti-frizz serums of multiple trusted brands are available in-store. And for those who have hair fall and volume issues, multiple hair tonics for fast hair growth are available.

I know there are some people who don’t like to use hair tonics and serums but they don’t have to worry either! All kinds of herbal hair oils are available at Imtiaz Super Market for those who want an organic solution for their hair!

Apart from this, hair masks and creams and masks for protein treatments are also available for people who like to make extra efforts for their hair.

Furthermore, relaxing and rebounding kits are also available as a lot of people who have wavy hair are going for this option to avoid straightening their hair on a daily basis.

What’s left? Hairbrushes, hairpins, hair sprays… there is nothing that you would require for a perfect hair-do that won’t be available at Imtiaz Super Market.

I care for my hair and that is why I shop a lot for it. You should too!!

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