Are you ready for going BACK TO SCHOOL?

Sharing some memories of my school preps, and stationery shopping, so if you are interested in reliving the memories of school days do give it a read…

As a grownup, whenever I see kids going to school or even preparing for school; it gives me goosebumps. I don’t know why but it makes me feel like how was my school days or there’s a different kind of comparison I use to have in the back of my mind…

Does it happen with you all? Or is it only me?

Weird na? totally…!!!

Whenever I visit a mart or a shop for purchasing files or for purchasing any other stuff related to stationery, I end up watching all the things, like cute water bottles, lunch boxes, school bags, ink pens or fountain pens, pencils, fancy rubbers and sharpeners and what not… I end up being a nostalgic person, sometimes there are tears in my eyes while shopping or sometimes I m just watching and enjoying little details, playing with those magnetic pencil boxes which have so many buttons and extra spaces to keep stickers, and gel pens. This pencil box was something through which the whole class would get envied or would actually be around you so that they have an opportunity to use to see it closely. Even if you have glitter pens you were supposed as a Richie Rich a person in the class, and just to use those pens girls use to make a group and make other jealous…

See how nostalgic this topic is; I was just saying and it just got dragged (laughs)

I know I can’t buy them because they are useless for me now, suppose going to the office with a pencil box (giggles) it’s more like a pencil box got replaced by a pen holder… But still, I spend my hours just exploring new pencil boxes, which actually make me wonder or say or thought that our time has more solid pencil boxes or stuff that these days…. Like the quality of the products or the stationery is different, maybe I’m unable to explain the difference, forget the difference, I just simply watch them and do the time frame comparison in my head (laughs). Even if I buy, I don’t use it, like if I use it will be finished too quickly and I don’t prefer my things to end up soon. I get attached to things way too quickly… ahhh!! I know it’s bad but can’t help it…


Anyways… I was enjoying my nostalgic moments when I receive the call and got back to reality check ☹

I wanted to share the best part, recently, I visited Imtiaz super market for some grocery shopping and boom… I lost in the aisle of school-related products, as Imtiaz super market is planning to launch its new campaign and new deals that are related to back to school. Okay at first, I was confused because it was my first time that I have encountered stationery products in Imtiaz super market, or maybe they are growing fast in terms of having more and more assortment along with categories… or possibilities are that I haven’t explored Imtiaz super market that much, I should have done this way before but….

To be honest, I don’t miss my school days except for some teachers, but I do miss using stationery, bags, color books and so much more…

What about you?

Do you miss your school days?

What was your motivation for school?

What were you passionate about?

Let us know in the comment section below or write us your school stories if they are attached to some supermarket or a local store…

Oh from this local store I remember there was this the shop I always use to go there to buy my stationery and even after changing the area I still use to go there, but then a few years back he mentioned us, me and the mum that he will be closing his shop permanently and will be going somewhere else, since I was no longer in that area to keep a close link with that shopkeeper, I lost him and my childhood shop.

Oh and btw back in the era of 1990 people and shopkeepers use to be really cool, in terms of being helpful and guiding you and supporting you positively, my shopkeeper was one of them, he was aged nearly 40 or above that, he uses to ask me questions, since I always use to be behind my mum, he uses to say beta ap bolo, he was such a sweet uncle always asking me my grades and motivating me suggesting me books and course books, stationery and things, he once told me he had a daughter who is in abroad for studies even… and I don’t know why but back in my childhood days we use to go for a walk every day, with mum dad Dadu Dadi and Nani, so that street people know me like a family, shopping from that street was must everyday… old people have a strong memory and shopkeepers are too good in remembering the face, so yeah… it was one of those sweet days when half of the world knows me… and by half of the world was my school lane and this lane where I use to roam everyday… that’s all….

A girl who knows nothing about the world back then knows nothing about life, people, cast or even multiple religions, who only knows basic family members and few values of how a joint family is… still, the world is just a mysterious place for her because people are way too mean and untrusty…

Signing off, until next time!!!

Also, do write to us about did you explore Imtiaz super market or having regrets like me? 😀

Waiting for your stories to share!!!

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  1. Great Blog. I wish we had one where I work.

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    1. Thanks for amazing feedback… Stay tuned for more blogs!


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