Have you ever been depressed?

There are nothing and no feeling worse than being depressedDepression is not just a medical illness; it is like a swamp where you keep sinking.

It’s like somebody is constantly pulling your leg and you can’t shove them off.

Throughout the day you have to pretend that you’re okay… that you’re fine. You have to constantly smile and greet, work and reach your targets and do all this while internally, you can’t even breathe. You just want to lie in your bed and cry. Sometimes not even cry, just be quiet. So quiet that people forget you even exist.

That even you forget you exist.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. No matter how much you would rather want to disappear and not have to deal with any relation, any worldly responsibility, any pressure… time doesn’t stop for anyone. No matter what it is that you faced, no matter how horrible it was… you have to stand up and get back on your feet. You have to live your life again.

I know it seems hard. Not just hard, it seems impossible! You can’t see a way back as far as your sight goes but that’s the thing! Sometimes, you don’t need to see the larger picture only. You have to take small steps. One day at a time. One thing at a time.

I know you can’t bear the thought of leaving your bed and your room to face people, to fake a smile… but you need to.

Surround yourself with the few ones you love and trust. Or the ones you know for sure who love and trust you. Go out with them. Take micro-steps. If you think you can’t deal with people, not even the closest ones… go alone. Spend some time with and for yourself.

Do what you love. Read, sing, dance… shop!

Buy stuff that makes you happy. Buy stuff that doesn’t make you sad! Paints, sketchbooks, activity books…

Pamper yourself! Buy lots and lots of makeup. Buy facial kits and treat yourself with a message. Buy an erotic and happening hair dye, go and get a haircut and bring a change. Replace your closet with new clothes and shoes. Change your whole vibe!

It all depends. Do you want to escape that life or accept it? Surround yourself with positivity.

Do you like to eat? Are you a foodie? But you haven’t been in a mood to eat, lately?

Great! Buy stuff and ingredients and cook a meal for yourself. Buy some delicious snacks and stock your drawers. Eat whatever and whenever you like. If you’re a fitness freak then buy a yoga mat and start doing some yoga or Pilates. Maybe even cardio!

Depression Treatment

Exhaust yourself physically so much that you don’t get time to stress about stuff and feel bad about yourself.

Dress up, look good, go out!

Crying begets more crying. The sadder you feel, the sadder you are. Similarly, the happier you feel, the more energetic your surroundings are… the more it will rub off on you.

It may seem like a dead end. But it’s not.

Take one step and the Imtiaz family will be right next to you at every step you take. We will provide you with everything you need. Everything you deserve. Believe that we will NEVER let you down!

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