HOME SENSE – Brand you can trust!

This time I am going to reveal some real secrets of a super market which you all will wonder and think twice about it… (devil laugh)

Normally when we head out for shopping, we roam here and there and come back to that one particular shop we love or we are comfortable with…

Same happens with me, when it comes to grocery, I and my family always end up going to Imtiaz super market for the best quality products with the amazing price range. Recently when I visited Imtiaz super market, I was looking at different products like grocery, bakery items and some household items as well…

It was surprising for me to know that Imtiaz super market has its own bakery. Cakes are made in-house, and special cakes are also made on special requests. Plus, freshly baked and served hot; patties and pastries, sandwiches and chips, everything is made in there… isn’t it fascinating?

Did you know this fact before??

On further exploring Imtiaz super market, I found out that “Ponam” is their own brand, and employees are actually packing and sifting the pulses. Measuring and packing the herbs. Even rice, someone from the staff told me that rice and wheat are also from their self-cultivated. Ponam brand is a brand whose pulses and herbs are very neat…

Woah! this Super market owns so much!!!

Furthermore, when I was looking for some tissue rolls, I picked up home sense products, “a brand you can trust” the tagline attracted me and I started to read more, it had everything about Imtiaz super market, like promoting its own Ponam and Power Loyalty card. I asked the customer contact center representative about the product; their reply was yes it was again Imtiaz in-store stuff.

Imtiaz super market is not only a market place but also it is now making and creating its own products e.g. a bakery, and a household brand which will have a huge variety of stuff… means Imtiaz super market doesn’t want to leave your home by any chance. Your home is incomplete by daily use products and to fill in the gap, it gives you a full range of products, from grocery to cleaning material and to food…. You can find everything there… what else do you need?

After a great success of Ponam products, now Imtiaz is trying to create their own home household products.

These products include

  • Tissue box
  • Handwash
  • Toilet roll
  • Floor cleaner
  • Bathroom cleaner

Tissue boxes have been introduced, whereas handwashes are in the testing process involving its effectiveness, fragrances, and consistency.

Did you know all these unique things about Imtiaz super market? Or you just figured out?

Imtiaz super market is constantly working to produce better quality products and to serve more to the people and contribute more towards the betterment of our country…

Have you tried any of their products yet? If not, you are missing out!!!

Until next time 😊

Do write to us how interesting these blogs and articles are and how much did it help you in knowing more about Imtiaz super market?

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