On the occasion of Year End, Christmas and New Year, Imtiaz Super Market brings you a sale, on items that you can gift. A range you can select from and a charm that no one can steal πŸ˜‰

“Fair reason to shop, when the sale is up to 70% off, especially on perfumes”

You will witness some known brands, some gift boxes, and some local ones.

Even if you go for the local ones, their fragrance is amazing. A small fact about perfumes is that they last long especially in winters.

A Secret Tip: πŸ˜‰

  • Use a bit of Vaseline, then spray the perfume on it.
  • Now, feel the difference of any fragrance staying longer than expected πŸ˜‰
Opio Perfumes Post.jpg
Surely it will last more than expected time.

So, hey! How about a sneak peek of perfumes that are on sale?

Some unboxing of these products, some photo shoot, behind the scene kind of things πŸ˜‰ and much more only on SnapChat and Instagram stories. So stay tuned for some exciting things to witness on those platforms 😊

10% Off Sale Perfumes are:

This is just a sneak peek. More variety of perfumes are waiting for you, in stores.

50% Off Sale Perfumes are:

Again, it’s a sneak peek, you will be witnessing more variety, in stores.

Sneak Peek to Our New Arrivals:

These are the range of perfumes which will be soon on board.

Coming soon in stores.

Oh! I forgot to mention about the fragrance, how do they smell?

Technically you can’t express how one smells, but a rough idea is there to ease out.

An honest review or honest sense of smell;

There are few fragrances which I smelled and I felt like awful, I was like OMG, look at the wrapping and packing of the product which is amazing and now the smell totally opposite the look, but when you apply a hint and let it be there for a while it changes all the awfulness into a wow factor.

I was like wow, what did I apply and why am I smelling so good, I got to know that the tester I have which was awful, later changed into WOW.

Perfume Post Incense

There are some female fragrances and some sharp fragrance, if you love some floral fragrances or a sharp fragrance lover, this sale is for you, for all of you, because we value you. Imtiaz has a complete range of perfumes to serve all its consumers, whether you love the sharp or soft or floral fragrance.

Most welcome to Imtiaz Super Market, a place of an ultimate shopping experience.

Stay tuned with us to know more about the seasonal sales stuff, weekly promotions, some giveaways, and a few more exciting news details πŸ˜‰


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