Ever since childhood, I loved using glitters, that shine has always attracted me. When I grew old, I found that it has been my habit or it’s me choosing or loving glitter in everything I see or wear or choose. Recently on a trail of random shopping, I picked up a stuff thought it was glossy because the color has initially attracted me, I end up buying Matt, I never knew what that stuff was or how it works and why people always uses a Matt, or why do even people prefer Matt.

Glitter Lovers

I being to see more Matt vs glossy tips and things, since Matt is pure Matt no shine and totally opposite me. I feel it weird totally, because of habit or … so, if you try changing Matt format into glossy or if you add-on, it loses or over shadow the original idea of Matt. I did some more research and upon that I was surprised at how this Matt thing works and do wonders….


Matt is best for ombre look or can be used as a stopper, the people who have a habit of eating lipsticks, it’s definitely a save for them. It doesn’t go off your lips that easily. If you are a glitter lover like me then this would also help you to enhance that effect which I recently discovered.


I have never used any Matt stuff, always glitter or glossy, even in eye palate my preferences were glittery, after applying and trying I use get frustrated that my look didn’t show up as other people look does, reason not applying base, nude or Matt shadows for creating a proper dept of color and look.

Related image

Glitter if applied plain looks good, light and smooth, but if you want that look prominent or special effect bold look, you are definitely missing out on Matt….

Applying Matt shadow for a prominent dept color than adding on glitter is like if cherry on top and seriously its magical. Okay! to some extend… at least for me 😉


You can play more and define more. Be creative with the looks and try out Matt. Let me know in the comment section below about your choices and preferences. Matt or glossy or glittery, how do you like your nails and eye makeup. When did you start noticing the difference like I did!

Me signing off until next time. Please follow us on all our channels, and keep writing us, so, that we can share your blogs too, and know your views. Take care!

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