To be honest, I haven’t heard much winter myths, but let’s see what our audience “SOHA” has to say about WINTER MYTHS.

As our older tell us about some myths so, today I am going to talk about those winter myths and the facts.

Myth: We should not exercise in winter.

Truth: In actual, we should exercise in winters more often, it actually burns more calories, gives a faster result than in a normal weather. No dehydration and effective results.

Winter Exercise 

Myth: Allergies go away in winter.

Truth: The allergies get worse in winter.


Myth: You don’t need sun screen in winter.

Truth: Because the Earth’s surface is closer to the sun during the winter months, we are actually exposed to more harmful rays without even realizing it.


Myth: You lose most of your body heat through your head.

Truth: Most of your body heat doesn’t escape through your noggin.


Myth: Women gain more weight during the winter around 10 pounds.

Truth: Women only gain 1 or 2 pound in winter, due to extra cravings or hunger pangs in winter.

Myth: Cold temperature causes hair fall.

Truth: Hair lost happens in summers more than winters, cause heat and sweat makes your pores open and damage. Whereas in winters, hair happens to be healthy.


Myth: Lack of sunlight causes winter depression.

Truth: Winter somehow causes depression due to long nights and small days.

These were the few myths, let us know in the comment section below how many have you heard or how many of them are actually true, or you have believed?

Keep writing us more at, will love to read and share them on our page.

Signing off from here until next time, will be coming up with some new topic a new name or some new myths.

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